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    What are the components of bubble film bag making machine

    hits: 88 time: 2021-06-19 11:32:29

    Are you familiar with bubble film bag making machine? Bubble film bag making machine has a good use in many industries, so what is the bubble film bag making machine composed of?

    1. The electric control cabinet is composed of temperature controller, electric material and frequency converter, which is mainly responsible for the central electric control work of the whole equipment.


    2. The tractor is composed of a traction roller, a cutting device and a film guide roller, which is mainly responsible for the effective traction of the bubble film coming out of the forming roller.


    3. The extruder is composed of motor, reducer, screw, cylinder, net changer, die head and heater. It is mainly responsible for melting, filtering and extruding raw materials.


    4. The coiler is composed of two film rollers, overturning device and torque motor meter meter. It is mainly responsible for effectively coiling the bubble film from the tractor, making the air cushion film products into coils, and then packing for storage, which is also the last link of the bubble film production.


    5. The forming machine of bubble film bag making machine is composed of forming roller and vacuum pump. The forming roller has three specifications (6mm, 10mm, 28mm), which can be equipped according to customer''s requirements.








    Therefore, the bubble film bag making machine is mainly composed of these parts to ensure its good performance.




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