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    How to prevent the bubble film bag making machine from tripping?

    hits: 54 time: 2021-06-19 13:14:57

    If the bubble film bag making machine trips in the use process, it will affect the normal use of people. Then what methods can prevent the trip of the bubble film bag making machine?


    The selection of frequency converter can be based on the rated current of the motor, that is, the rated current of the frequency converter (i.e. the upper limit of the continuous working current under conventional environment) is greater than the rated current of the motor. But there are limiting cases to consider. Therefore, the frequency converter also needs to be able to provide a short time of overload current. Another note: in the abnormal environment, such as high altitude, high ambient temperature (such as more than 50 degrees less than 60 degrees environment), side-by-side installation (some converters side-by-side installation does not reduce capacity, some to reduce capacity, according to the design of the converter), we should consider the capacity reduction of the converter. Second is the choice of the motor, should be based on the load movement of the required average power, upper limit power, converted to the motor shaft side (may have reducer, pulley and other deceleration device), choose the power of the motor, but also to consider the overload capacity of the motor.






    Therefore, in order to prevent the trip of the bubble film bag making machine, it is necessary to do a good job in the design of these details to ensure its good performance.




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